Wrinkle relaxing

The skin on your face bears the brunt of the damaging effects of the sun, pollution and your habitual facial expressions, and this takes its toll on your face. The result is unwanted facial lines that can increase signs of ageing and affect your self-esteem. Our most effective wrinkle relaxing treatment is designed to reverse these effects, resulting in a more youthful appearance that will boost your self-confidence.

Everybody develops lines and wrinkles over time, and they can make you look older. If your lines and wrinkles are getting you down, but cosmetic surgery isn’t for you, the Beyond Beautiful Aesthetics can help. We use botulinum toxin-A – more commonly known as Botox – to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and boost your self-confidence. Botox works by preventing your skin from contracting, which allows the skin to relax and become more supple.Targeted treatment by experienced practitioners